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On Site Repairs

On site repairs. Site work carried out for all the major OEM suppliers.

Dozer Blade Repairs

All aspects of repairs carried out:
Blade fabrication
Blade reline
Blade arm protection
Bolt on edges.

Idler Repair

All worn Idlers can be brought back to a high standard at a fraction of the cost of a new system.

Dump Truck Body Repairs

Dump truck bodies endure a lot of punishment. Laybourne Engineering remove all damaged areas of the body and replace with wear resistant material.
Body re-line
Bolster repairs
Canopy repairs
Rock side deflector installation and repair
Greedy board installation and removal
Head board
All Bodies are relined in such a manner that your running costs are lower as the panels used to reline the bodies, are manufactured smaller as the body wears at different rates this means only certain worn areas need to be replaced rather than the full floor.

Lifting Devices

Laybourne Engineering manufacture various lifting tools to customer requirements. All lifting devices are tested to Lloyds British Standards.

Lifting devices. Laybourne Engineering manufacture various lifting tools to cater for the customers necessary requirements all tested to individual customers project specifications.

Laybourne Engineering Off Shore

Laybourne Engineering manufacture a range of products required to work off shore We offer a project management service to assist clients achieve deadlines and ensure all third party witness points are captured as per the project specification.

Platforms and Hand Rails

Platforms and hand rails are manufactured to the highest standards meeting all legislation requirements.

Earth Moving

Earth moving work tools of all sizes are manufactured and repaired to ensure the customer has exactly what he needs for the job in hand.

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